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How To Remove Polygel Nails Best Easy Ways

How To Remove Polygel Nails? As polygel nails have become so popular, many individuals now regularly have them done at their chosen nail salons. There are also home polygel kits, which bring stunning and long-lasting nails to your doorstep. Polygels combine the strength and buildability of acrylics with the glossy flexibility of gels. You can wear long polygel nails with beautiful designs as well as layering polygel over your natural nails to keep them strong.

Polygel nails are unique in the sense that you get tired You can’t just pull them off when they fall – which can risk serious damage to your nails. In this article, how do you properly remove Polygel nails? Acetone wraps, an electric file, an oil bath, and alcohol are a few techniques that can be used to remove Polygel nails. steps below, we will see how you can easily and safely remove your polygel nails without damaging your nails.

Best Easy Three Ways Remove polygel

1. Acetone

Acetone gradually softens the bonds of the polygel and once the material is soft enough, it becomes easier to file or scrape without damaging the natural nail underneath.

You should keep it on your nails for at least 12-15 minutes. The best way to do this is with acetone wraps.

What you need to have on hand for the acetone wrap:

  1. Acetone nail polish remover
  2. Cotton balls – one for each nail
  3. Cut aluminum foil into small squares

Allow at least 25 to 30 minutes for the entire operation.

Dampen a cotton ball with acetone and place it over your nail.
Wrap a small piece of aluminum foil over the cotton ball and your finger, so that the cotton ball sits firmly on your nail.
Repeat for all ten fingers.
Wait 12-15 minutes.
Remove the foils with care, then throw away the cotton balls.
Use a cuticle pusher to scrape and remove the softened polygel.
To keep your nails hydrated, wash your hands and rub cuticle oil over them.
Suppose you don’t have a cuticle pusher or a nail file that you can use to remove the softened material. In that case, you can repeat the soaking process a second time, which usually removes most of the remaining polygel material.

Warning – Keep all products out of reach of children. Close the container tightly (the color of the cap may change).
Ingredients – 100 percent pure acetone. Made in the USA. We take seriously our commitment to the care and protection of your nails while keeping you up to date with the latest trends for a professional long-lasting look.

2. Oil & soap

Acetone can seriously damage your natural nails if you use it to remove your manicure 

on a regular basis. Your polygel nails can now be removed using oil, soap, and water 

instead of acetone. By soaking the finger in water, you can remove polygel nails.

This is what you need:

  • every kind of oil
  • Cleanser or body wash
  • warm water
  • any flat object, such as a cuticle pusher

How to eliminate:

To begin, use your cuticle pusher to gently pry the polygel nails’ edges. To allow the oil and water mixture 

to be absorbed under the nail, you grow the edges of the nail. Apply your oil-detergent mixture under the nails by combining it with warm water. Next, let the mixture sit on your nails for 10 to 15 minutes.

When you’re finished soaking, gently lift the edge of your nail using a cuticle pusher. If your nails are still resistant, soak them for a while again.

3. Nail Drill

Utilizing a nail drill will allow you to swiftly remove your polygel nails. Regrettably, if you’ve never used it before, it can be rather scary to use.
I’ll go over each step of how to remove polygel nails with an electric nail drill in order to make the process simple and safe for you.

  • Removal Steps
    Since the longest thing that needs to be done is to clip your nails, do that first.
  • You must push back your cuticles to keep them from becoming damaged by the nail drill.
  • You may file polygel nails more delicately if you use a sanding band that is smooth and soft.
  • After filing the edges of your nails, you can carefully remove the majority of the polygel using a coarse sanding band.
  • You should try to avoid touching your natural nails as much as possible when filling them.
  • Wash your nails well to get rid of all the dust.

The residual polygel can be manually removed with a low-grit nail file once the polygel has been removed.
Finally, add a few drops of cuticle oil to rehydrate your nails.

How can polygel nails be removed the quickest?

As you can see, polygel nail removal can take anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes, so knowing which technique is the quickest is helpful if you’re in a hurry.

Utilizing an electric nail file drill is the quickest method of removing polygel nails. You can remove all of your polygel in 15 minutes using that tool.

Of course, how proficient and at ease, you are using the electric drill will determine this.

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